Maintenance.. Yes, unfortunately you can't escape it if you want to get the most out of your product.
To maintain the quality and standard of the product – you will need to spend some time & care looking after them. RUSTIX advises that regular inspections are conducted for all products to check that welds & screws remain tightly fastened. All of RUSTIX’s products are either timber and/or metal, and thus different materials may expand and contract at different rates. The environment in which your product(s) is being used or placed in is often different to the conditions of our warehouse. Hence, product(s) may need maintenance after a period of time.
Please avoid utilizing harsh cleaning chemicals on your RUSTIX masterpiece. These chemicals may break down the outer seal – exposing the raw finish or stain. It is recommended to use a damp cloth for cleaning, and at your preference, a small amount of neutral soap.
RUSTIX offers a wide range of furniture – and each product has their own recommended form of maintenance. If you have any questions or would like to view the products displayed in ou showroom, please make an appointment via email to



PLEASE NOTE: Not all products are powder coated and galvanized – therefore; only products which are specifically categorized as ‘outdoors’ are suitable & covered by warranty for this use. In saying this, several of our clients choose to use our tables & seating outdoors but this is at their own risk. We advise that furniture is stored under cover to maximize the longevity of the item.