COMO chair

The COMO chair has been exquisitely designed to promote design, comfort and quality. This well-designed chair in style and structure showcases prestige and luxury. The detailed stitching, rounded frame and edges deliver well executed functional design elements as well as premium comfort that is not compromised.

The chair is bespoke, comfortable yet supportive, appropriately proportioned with enduring built quality.

Product available in:
  • Black PU / Matte Black Frame 
  • Hazelnut PU / Matte Black Frame 
  • Grey PU / Matte Black Frame 
  • Smokey Gum Fabric / Matte Black Frame 
  • Metro Grey Fabric / Matte Black Frame 
48 x 52 x 82cm (WDH)

This ideal dining chair is suitable for all venues - whether you are fitting out your fine dining restaurant, 5-star hotel, cafe or dining room.
Black PU
Hazelnut PU
Grey PU
Smokey Gum Fabric
Metro Grey Fabric
In stock – Dispatched next business day