Reuse, recycle, reclaim: 2012 interior design trend

April 30, 2012

When are teacups not for drinking from? When they're lampshades.
When do derelict barns find a new lease of life? When the timber from the walls are reclaimed and used to make furniture.
  Tea cup Pendant Light
Teacup Pendant lights

This trend is not quite rejuvenating an old object with a new coat of paint, new handles or reupholstering. It is bringing the eco feel into interiors by reappropriation, or giving a new life to an object by simply using it for something other than what it was designed for. This trend is dominating the cafe and small bar industry in Australia at the moment. 

Three Bags Full - Abbotsford, VIC
- recycled ten bin bowling lane table
- reclaimed road signs as stools

Three Bags Full - Abbotsford, VIC
- tea cup pendant lights above counter

Orto Trading - Surry Hills, Sydney
Recycled jars as feature pendant light

Recycled milk can lamp

Truck spring stools    

Shipping pallet dining table

Card file utensil drawers

Shipping pallet coffee table

There are even TV shows aired on Foxtel from the USA based on this trend of reappropriation. "Pickers Sisters" follows 2 interior designers across American to scour for objects and materials that they can convert into interior design pieces to sell at their Los Angeles shop.

Hanging seat made from silos with "Picker Sisters" designers

Pendant light from wagon wheel and rope

Artwork from drive-through arrow

Inside "Picker Sisters" shop

Using objects in unusual ways gives interiors indivduality. Choosing furniture that is made from reclaimed timber ensures that every piece is unique and is beneficial to the environment. Rustix furniture is made from recycled walnut found in derelict barns and houses. Who would have thought a timber wall could be a beautiful console table? 
Rustix Cart Consolewith handmade iron wheels. 1200W x 350D x 800H

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